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The Pilot

(Air Date: November 8, 1969)

Rod Serling wrote and introduces three supernatural tales with his distinctive stamp: eerie plots and chilling denouements.



Written by Rod Serling
Directed by Boris Sagal

A despicable young man kills his uncle, then suffers a strange haunting: a painting of the family cemetery mysteriously changes to depict the fate awaiting the murderer.



Roddy McDowall as Jeremy Evans
Ossie Davis as Osmond Portifoy
George Macready as William Hendricks
Barry Atwater as Mr. Carson
Tom Basham as Gibbons
Richard Hale as the Doctor



Written by Rod Serling
Directed by Steven Spielberg

A wealthy, reclusive matron, blind since birth, finds a poor sucker beset by gambling debts—and buys his eyes. If the operation succeeds, the egomaniacal woman will have sight for 12 hours, and she intends to make every second count.



Joan Crawford as Claudia Menlo
Barry Sullivan as Dr. Frank Heatherton
Tom Bosley as Sidney Resnick
Byron Morrow as George Packer (Menlo's Lawyer)
Garry Goodrow as Lou
Shannon Farnon as the First Nurse [scenes deleted]

Bruce Kirby as the Portrait Artist



Written by Rod Serling
Directed by Barry Shear

A fugitive Nazi escapes from the horrors of his past with daily visits to a particular painting in a Buenos Aires museum. He is absorbed in viewing the picture when a concentration camp victim recognizes him—marking a new phase of his torment.



Richard Kiley as Joseph Strobe
Sam Jaffe as Bleum
Norma Crane as Gretchen
George Murdock as the First Israeli Agent
Luis Moreno as Luiz (Night Watchman)
Natividad Vacio as the Bartender

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