Once Again in a Blu-Moon...

The Night Gallery renaissance continues as Kino Lorber announces the roll-out of the series’ complete second season on blu-ray, with the customary high production values and extensive extras typical of this distributor. Kino Lorber now presents Night Gallery's sophomore season (loaded with many of the show’s very best episodes) as it was meant to be—complete and uncut, as first broadcast. Included are supplements including a 30-minute documentary on the history of the series, a 60-minute documentary detailing the butchery visited on the second-season episodes in syndication, an overview of Tom Wright’s paintings with the artist’s own insightful commentary, 19 TV spots (newly mastered in high definition), and a wealth of audio commentaries on the individual episodes.

Kino Lorber includes the six commentaries offered in Universal’s 2008 DVD release of the second season, from Oscar-winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro and Night Gallery authors and historians Scott Skelton and Jim Benson. Not content to rest with these bounties, however, Kino Lorber went the extra mile and delivers a slew of all-new commentaries, ensuring each episode boasts at least one commentary, with many getting two! Skelton and Benson return for more of their insights and reflections on the series, bolstered by further commentaries from Night Gallery director John Badham ("Green Fingers," "Camera Obscura"), actresses Laurie Prange ("Brenda") and Louise Sorel ("Pickman's Model"), and such scholarly luminaries as Craig Beam, Mark Dawidziak, Gary Gerani, Tim Lucas, Kim Newman and Stephen Jones, Amanda Reyes, David J. Schow, and musicologist Dr. Reba Wissner.

Rounding out this embarrassment of riches is Night Gallery’s “lost episode,” initially included on Universal’s third-season DVD release but rightly included here, with the other second-season episodes, where it truly belongs. The "lost episode" comprises syndication-only segments originally shot for the second season: “Witches’ Feast,” “Die Now, Pay Later,” and “Room for One Less,” painstakingly reconstructed from the best elements in the studio vaults. As an extra, the complete, uncut episode segment “Little Girl Lost” is appended, with six extra minutes of footage as it was originally intended to be broadcast.

The set's street date is set for July 26, 2022, available for preorder at this link.